Catherine Fennell Lecture, "Project Heat: Race and Embodiment in Chicago Public Housing's Aftermath"

Over the past fifteen years, Chicago has charged ahead with the most ambitious urban planning experiment of its kind: The demolition of its troubled public housing projects and their redevelopment into much smaller, partially-privatized, mixed-income developments. This talk examines the affective aftermath of these projects through the demise of "Project Heat," an intense form of home heating once generated at the city's public housing projects and pumped into residents' apartments at abundant levels largely beyond their control. Professor Fennell traces how transitioning public housing residents pursued sensations and comforts associated with project heat in new residential contexts, as well as politicized the serious financial and physical risks that accompanied these pursuits. Throughout, she pursues an analysis of racial differentiation capable of accommodating concerns about embodiment and sensation.

Event Details

March 28, 2013 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm
125 Nolte Center

University of Minnesota