Quadrant Welcomes Two New Fellows in 2012-2013

Two new Quadrant Fellows will be in residence at the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota in the 2013 spring semester.

Nikhil Anand is an assistant professor of Anthropology at Haverford College. His project, "Infrapolitics: Public Systems and the Social Life of Water in Mumbai," follows how urban water is made, moved and accessed by settlers and city engineers living in one of India's largest cities. Concerned with the rapid growth of their cities, city planners and administrators have recently proposed a slew of new private infrastructure projects (of water networks, roads and electricity) in various cities around the world. Such privatization initiatives have been extremely contentious, even among settlers that are actively marginalized in public systems. In Mumbai for instance, settlers have to mobilize a series of friends, relatives, and political leaders to get an ordinary water connection from the city’s public system. Yet they vigorously defend public water services. Why do settlers and other marginal groups demand a system that also marginalizes them? Infrapolitics answers this question by attending to the quotidian work of settlers and city engineers as they make water connections in Mumbai. By attending closely to these everyday practices, the this project describes the technopolitical constitution of the state, the limits of privatization, and shows how settlers are able to make reliable homes in the city despite the marginalizations effected by states and markets.Professor Anand will be in residence in spring 2013 with Quadrant’s Environment, Culture, and Sustainability and Global Cultures groups.

Gary Kroll is an associate professor of History at Plattsburgh State University. His project, "Caught in the Headlights: The Mangled Mobilities of Animals and Automobiles in Modern America," explores how Americans have thought about and dealt with the problem of animal-automobile collisions in the 20th and 21st centuries. By examining the work of hunters, conservationists, wildlife biologists, animal rights activists, veterinarians, automobile boosters, state departments of game and wildlife, state departments of transportation, and road and urban planners we can come to a greater understanding of the historical and contemporary relationships between humans and non-human animals in the age of mass-mobility. His larger work involves analysis of the collisions between various forms of mass-mobility (trains, cars, plains, ships and recreational water craft) and animal mobility (cattle, deer, Canada Geese, Right Whale, Florida Manatee, dogs and humans) in hybrid environments (tracks, roads, airports, shipping lanes, and canals). This interdisciplinary project contributes to scholarship in environmental history, the history of science, animal studies, and mobility studies. Professor Kroll will be in residence in spring 2013 with Quadrant’s Environment, Culture, and Sustainability group.

In addition to the two Quadrant Fellows, Quadrant will host eight visiting scholars in 2012-2013 who will be on campus for shorter periods: Gretchen Buggeln, Marco Deseriis, Catherine Fennell, Grey Gundaker, Tulley Long, Laura Mauldin, Ryan Skinner, and Melissa White.

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