About Quadrant

Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and developed in cooperation with the Office of the Provost and the Graduate School, Quadrant is a joint initiative of the University of Minnesota Press, a leader in interdisciplinary scholarly publishing, and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), a catalyst and incubator of research and discussion across disciplinary boundaries.

With the combined resources of Mellon, the Press, and the IAS, Quadrant provides tools for scholars to pursue interdisciplinary work and offers a new, more collaborative model of scholarly research and publication. Quadrant's structure is designed to be a significant transformation of current models of scholarly publication and collaborative work and to be an equally significant relocation of the place of the press within the university itself.

Four interdisciplinary research and publication groups provide the intellectual foundation of Quadrant: Design, Architecture, and Culture; Environment, Culture, and Sustainability; Global Cultures; and Health and Society. The groups are made up of faculty from across the University as well as scholars from around the world who are invited to participate in this initiative. Quadrant provides the administrative and financial support for these groups to hold public lectures, workshops, and, as appropriate, colloquia, panel discussions, or round-tables. In addition, the Press provides editorial support to group members, including fellows and visiting scholars who are developing book projects that may be considered for the Quadrant book imprint.

About the Quadrant Fellowships

From 2007 through 2012, the Quadrant program held an annual, worldwide competition for fellowships that have been awarded to sixteen interdisciplinary scholars. During their semester in residence at the IAS in Minneapolis, the Quadrant fellows have received a stipend of up to $30,000, depending on rank and experience. Fellowships have included medical and dental coverage. At the IAS, fellows have participated in weekly lunches and public lectures with a lively interdisciplinary community that has included University of Minnesota fellows and other Quadrant fellows. They have also been involved in at least one of Quadrant's research and publishing collaboratives: Design, Architecture, and Culture ; Environment, Culture, and Sustainability ; Global Cultures; and Health and Society. Fellows have given a public lecture and presented a work-in-progress in a workshop setting with their Quadrant collaborative group or groups. In addition, they have worked directly with an editor from the University of Minnesota Press to develop their manuscripts for submission. Manuscripts submitted to the University of Minnesota Press undergo standard peer review and Press board approval process.

Quadrant fellowship applications are no longer being accepted.

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Quadrant Coordinator:
Anne Carter
University of Minnesota Press
111 Third Avenue South, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2520
Phone: 612-627-0123
Quadrant Group Editor Advisory Board Members
Design, Architecture, and Culture Pieter Martin (marti190@umn.edu)
Environment, Culture, and Sustainability Pieter Martin (marti190@umn.edu)
Global Cultures Jason Weidemann (weide007@umn.edu)
Health and Society Jason Weidemann (weide007@umn.edu)
Director, University of Minnesota Press:
Douglas Armato (armat001@umn.edu)
Director, Institute for Advanced Study:
Ann Waltner (waltn001@umn.edu)
Managing Director, Institute for Advanced Study:
Susannah Smith (slsmith@umn.edu)

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